About us

Cakes Tarts & Arts 

Founded in 23d of October 2013 and located in Dubai, our passion is to make irresistible desserts. We believe in the use of the best ingredients to obtain the best results as best cakes in Dubai. Our selection of ingredients is critical to the final product. We are always in the search for new ingredients and recipes to delight our customer’s plate. When you receive a product from Cakes Tarts & Arts  you will be assured of a treat made with passion, love and a sense of global commitment.

We love to bake. Through baking, we connect with our community by creating great cakes and sweets, feeding our customer’s, teaching and sharing our craft and practicing responsibility to the environment. We also want to become the favorite bakery & cake shops in every district in which we operates. This will be accomplished by serving a variety of delicious and generously portioned our product at moderate prices.

We want to become a well known bakery’s brand name internationally and To launch new branches all over UAE


To become the first choice of people when buying pastries

To make a difference in pastry industry, our brand will represent value for money, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive changes.